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1. Baidu cancelled a planned livestreamed product launch related to its ChatGPT-like "Ernie bot" that it had advertised as being open to media and the public.

2. The webcast was switched to a closed-door meeting with the first batch of companies that are testing the product due to strong demand from 120,000 companies that had applied to test Ernie bot.

3. Baidu's Hong Kong-listed shares fell as much as 4.5% on Monday morning on initial reports of the cancellation, but rebounded the following day due in part to strong demand from the Chinese corporate sector for generative artificial intelligence (AI).

Article analysis:

该文章主要报道了中国搜索引擎巨头百度取消了其计划中的产品发布会,该发布会原本是为了展示其类似于ChatGPT的“Ernie bot”产品,并向媒体和公众开放。然而,百度在周一早上发表声明称,该发布会已经改为与首批测试该产品的公司进行闭门会议。百度表示,这是为了满足12万家申请测试Ernie bot的公司的“强烈需求”,并表示这将是许多闭门会议中的第一次。

然而,该文章存在一些偏见和不完整的报道。首先,文章没有提供关于Ernie bot和ChatGPT之间区别的详细信息。其次,文章只涉及到百度股价下跌的情况,并未探讨其他可能影响股价波动的因素。此外,文章也没有提供任何证据来支持其所述“强烈需求”的说法。