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1. PEDV is a highly contagious virus that causes infectious intestinal disease in pigs, leading to high mortality and economic losses in the pig industry.

2. The entry of PEDV into cells is mediated by the spike protein (S protein) binding to a host cell receptor.

3. Research has been conducted to identify possible host cell receptors for PEDV, contributing to our understanding of the virus and potential targets for prevention and treatment.

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PEDV structure and strains: This phrase can be used to search for more information on the structure and different strains of PEDV which may provide a better understanding of the virus and its characteristics. S protein of PEDV: This phrase can be used to search for studies specifically focused on the S protein of PEDV which is mentioned in the abstract. Understanding the role and function of the S protein may provide insights into the virus-host interaction. Host cell receptors for PEDV: This phrase can be used to search for research on the potential host cell receptors for PEDV. Investigating the receptors can help in understanding the entry mechanism of the virus into host cells and its pathogenesis. Research progress on PEDV since its discovery: This phrase can be used to search for recent studies and advancements in PEDV research. It may provide an overview of the current state of knowledge on PEDV and highlight any gaps or areas that require further investigation. Comparative analysis of PEDV with other coronaviruses: This phrase can be used to search for studies that compare PEDV with other coronaviruses such as SARS-CoV or MERS-CoV. Such comparisons can provide insights into the similarities and differences between these viruses and help in understanding PEDV better. Control and prevention strategies for PEDV: This phrase can be used to search for studies and strategies aimed at controlling and preventing PEDV outbreaks. Understanding the preventive measures and control strategies can be crucial in managing and mitigating the impact of PEDV on the swine industry.