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1. A Russian frigate carrying nuclear-capable hypersonic cruise missiles has deviated from its course and is sailing towards the US coast.

2. The Admiral Gorshkov, armed with Zircon missiles, is being closely monitored by NATO navies during its maiden voyage.

3. Putin boasts that the Zircon missiles have 'no equivalent in the world' and are 'unstoppable'.

Article analysis:

The article appears to be biased in favor of Russia, as it focuses heavily on Putin's claims about the power of his weapons without providing any evidence or counterarguments to support them. Additionally, there is no mention of potential risks associated with these weapons or their deployment, nor is there any exploration of possible counterarguments to Putin's claims. Furthermore, the article does not present both sides equally; instead, it focuses solely on Russia's capabilities and ignores those of other countries. Additionally, there is a lack of evidence for some of the claims made in the article; for example, there is no evidence provided to support the claim that NATO navies are monitoring the frigate closely during its maiden voyage. Finally, there is promotional content in the form of pictures and videos which could be seen as an attempt to glorify Russia's military capabilities.