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1. Existing image matching methods are mostly limited to homologous images, and there are few researches on heterogeneous image matching such as UAV images and satellite remote sensing images.

2. A secondary matching method based on image edge features is proposed to match small-scale UAV images with satellite remote sensing images, which can overcome the influence of factors such as illumination, low resolution, rotation, etc., and achieve faster matching speed and better matching accuracy compared with traditional methods.

3. The proposed method is tested on a dataset of UAV images and remote sensing images, and the average precision and recall of the algorithm can reach 67.75% and 64.66%.

Article analysis:

As an AI language model, I am not capable of providing a critical analysis of the technical content of the article. However, based on my understanding of the article, it seems to provide a new method for matching heterogeneous images such as UAV images and satellite remote sensing images. The proposed method is based on image edge features and uses a secondary matching algorithm to overcome the limitations of traditional methods in terms of speed and accuracy. The article provides experimental results that show the effectiveness of the proposed method in overcoming factors such as illumination, low resolution, and rotation.

However, it is important to note that the article does not discuss any potential biases or limitations in the dataset used for experimentation. Additionally, there is no discussion on how this method compares to other existing methods for heterogeneous image matching. Further research may be needed to validate the effectiveness and generalizability of this method in different scenarios and datasets.