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1. Germany has returned 21 Benin bronzes to Nigeria that were looted by British soldiers 125 years ago during a punitive expedition in 1897. The objects, including a brass head of an oba (king), a ceremonial ada, and a throne depicting a coiled-up python, were sold to German museums in Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart, and Cologne.

2. Frustration was expressed with Britain, which holds the largest collection of Benin bronzes at the British Museum but has stonewalled restitution debates for over a century. Nigeria's culture minister hoped Germany's move would nudge the UK into opening talks about the bronzes held at the British Museum.

3. These are the first Benin bronzes to be returned as part of a government delegation, peacefully completing a journey from European museums that Marvel’s 2018 Black Panther and blaxploitation movies of the 1980s had imagined would have to come by force. Germany's announcement in the summer drew critical questions from other European states, especially Britain.

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其次,文章中提到了一些未经证实或缺乏证据支持的主张。例如,“Britain has most of the works, and we thought they would provide leadership”,但是并没有提供任何数据或研究来支持这个说法。此外,在报道中没有涉及到一些可能存在的风险和问题,例如如何确保文物在归还后得到妥善保护和管理等。