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1. Ledger has added a controversial feature called Ledger Recovery, which allows users to backup their private seed phrase directly to their personal identity through three different custodians for $9.99 per month.

2. The company claims that this is an entirely opt-in service and there is no backdoor on its devices, but some users are still concerned about the potential security risks.

3. There are other hardware wallets available on the market, each with their unique designs and security features, and the choice of which wallet to use depends on each individual user's level of knowledge of proper private key management and personal responsibility.

Article analysis:

The article discusses the controversy surrounding Ledger's new feature, Ledger Recovery, which allows users to backup their private seed phrase through an ID-based private key recovery service. The article notes that some users are concerned about the security implications of this feature and whether it presents a backdoor for hackers to access their private keys.

The article provides both sides of the argument, with Nicolas Bacca, co-founder of Ledger, stating that the service is entirely opt-in and does not increase attack vectors on Ledger wallets. However, Twitter users such as 0xfoobar argue that even if users do not opt-in, the code path to send private key material over the internet will still be on their device, making them vulnerable to hackers.

The article also provides information on alternative hardware wallets available in the market and explains why people use hardware wallets in the first place.

Overall, the article appears to present a balanced view of the controversy surrounding Ledger Recovery. However, it could have delved deeper into potential risks associated with using hardware wallets and provided more evidence for claims made by both sides of the argument. Additionally, while it mentions alternative hardware wallets available in the market, it does not provide any information on how they compare to Ledger in terms of security or features.