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1. Desalination is increasingly seen as a possible solution to water scarcity problems caused by global population growth and climate change.

2. Desalination remains expensive due to the enormous amount of energy required, but researchers are studying ways to improve the process and make it more affordable and sustainable.

3. Environmental costs of desalination include greenhouse gas emissions from energy use and disposal of toxic brine, but efforts are being made to combine renewable energy with desalination and extract valuable minerals from brine waste.

Article analysis:

The New York Times article titled "The World Can Make More Water From the Sea, but at What Cost?" discusses the increasing use of desalination as a solution to water scarcity. The article highlights Saudi Arabia's reliance on desalinated seawater and its plans for further expansion, as well as the environmental costs associated with desalination.

The article presents a balanced view of the benefits and drawbacks of desalination. It acknowledges that while it is a partial solution to water scarcity, it remains expensive and energy-intensive. The article also notes the environmental costs associated with desalination, including greenhouse gas emissions and the disposal of brine.

However, there are some potential biases in the article. For example, it focuses primarily on Saudi Arabia and other affluent countries where desalination has made inroads, rather than exploring why low-income countries have not adopted this technology. Additionally, while the article mentions efforts to combine renewable energy and desalination, it does not explore potential challenges or limitations to this approach.

The article also includes some unsupported claims. For example, it states that "in low income countries, almost nothing is happening" with regards to desalination without providing evidence or context for this claim.

Overall, while the article provides a comprehensive overview of desalination as a solution to water scarcity, it could benefit from more exploration of potential counterarguments and limitations to this approach.