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1. The early access co-op horror game, Spooky Men, is currently priced at an outrageous $1 million on Steam.

2. Despite the high price tag, the developer has been giving away codes through Discord to generate interest in the game.

3. The game is an 8-player online multiplayer where players have to survive in a haunted house, but early reviews indicate that the execution may be lacking.

Article analysis:

The article titled "New Steam Game Costs $1 Million" provides information about a co-op horror game called Spooky Men that is currently priced at an exorbitant $1 million on the Steam platform. The article discusses the mixed reception of the game, mentions other expensive games on Steam, and highlights the possibility of attracting more players through giveaways.

One potential bias in the article is its focus on the high price of Spooky Men without providing sufficient context or analysis. While it mentions that publishers have the freedom to set their own prices on Steam, it does not explore why this particular game has such a high price tag. Without understanding the reasoning behind this pricing decision, it is difficult to assess whether it is justified or simply a marketing gimmick.

The article also mentions negative reviews for Spooky Men when it was listed at a cheaper price but fails to provide any details or examples of these reviews. This lack of evidence weakens the claim and leaves readers questioning the validity of these negative opinions.

Furthermore, the article compares Spooky Men to another expensive game called The Hidden and Unknown but does not delve into why these games are priced so high or what their gameplay experiences entail. This omission limits readers' understanding of whether these games offer unique features or value that justifies their high prices.

Additionally, while the article briefly describes Spooky Men's gameplay as an 8-player online multiplayer where players have to survive in a haunted house, it only mentions early reviews indicating execution issues without providing any specific criticisms or examples. This lack of detail makes it challenging for readers to fully grasp why the game received negative feedback initially.

The article also includes promotional content by mentioning Baldur's Gate 3 as one of the most popular games in Steam history without any clear relevance to the topic at hand. This inclusion seems unnecessary and potentially biased towards promoting another game rather than focusing on analyzing Spooky Men's pricing strategy.

Moreover, there is no exploration of potential risks or downsides associated with the high price of Spooky Men. The article only mentions that the developer has been giving away codes through Discord, which may attract more people to try the game. However, it fails to consider whether this pricing strategy could alienate potential players or create a negative perception of the game's value.

Overall, the article lacks in-depth analysis and evidence to support its claims and biases towards promoting certain games. It would benefit from providing more context, exploring counterarguments, and presenting a balanced perspective on the topic.