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1. Technology has advanced to the point where entertainment stars are plentiful.

2. The article focuses on female star Ju Jingyi, who debuted in 2013 and became SNH48's first consecutive champion in 2017.

3. Ju Jingyi is praised for her stage presence and her long legs, which are highlighted by the stage lighting.

Article analysis:

The article is generally reliable and trustworthy, as it provides factual information about Ju Jingyi's career and accomplishments. It does not make any unsupported claims or present any one-sided reporting, nor does it contain any promotional content or partiality towards Ju Jingyi. The article also does not present any risks associated with Ju Jingyi's career or accomplishments, nor does it explore any counterarguments to the points made in the article.

The only potential issue with the article is that it may be missing some points of consideration regarding Ju Jingyi's career and accomplishments, such as other awards she has won or other successes she has achieved since becoming SNH48's first consecutive champion in 2017. Additionally, there is no evidence provided to support the claims made in the article about Ju Jingyi's stage presence or her long legs being highlighted by stage lighting.