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1. Polymer-derived ceramic (PDC) is a reliable material for high-temperature sensing due to its excellent thermal stability and semiconducting properties, but there are challenges in fabricating thin-film sensors with sufficient conductivity and high-temperature electrical insulation performance using traditional methods.

2. A novel method of rapid in situ fabrication of PDC composite thin-film sensors by laser pyrolysis has been proposed, which allows for the use of different fillers to enhance conductivity and insulating properties. The crystalline β-SiC is formed after laser pyrolysis, and the graphitization of free carbon is significantly enhanced compared to furnace thermolysis.

3. The in situ laser fabrication of functional PDC films for sensors has great potential for in situ measurements, especially for geometrically complex curved structures and extreme environments where externally bonded sensors lack feasibility or robustness. Thin-film PDC composite strain sensors have been successfully fabricated on nickel alloys and aluminum oxide substrates with high sensitivity and stability at high temperatures.

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