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1. A powerful magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck Turkey, Syria and Lebanon, resulting in 31 deaths (18 in Turkey and 13 in Syria).

2. The quake was felt in numerous cities and caused buildings to collapse in some areas.

3. Mexico's Secretariat of Foreign Relations expressed condolences and solidarity with the Turkish people after the quake caused deaths and material damage.

Article analysis:

The article is generally reliable, as it provides accurate information about the magnitude of the earthquake, its epicenter, its effects on different countries, and the death toll. It also includes quotes from relevant authorities such as the Minister of Interior of Turkey and a local resident affected by the quake. However, there are some potential biases that should be noted. For example, while it mentions Mexico's expression of solidarity with Turkey after the earthquake, it does not mention any other countries' reactions or expressions of support for those affected by the disaster. Additionally, while it mentions that some buildings collapsed due to the quake, it does not provide any evidence or further details about this claim. Furthermore, while it mentions that there were several aftershocks following the initial quake, it does not provide any information about their magnitude or effects on affected areas. Finally, while it mentions that there were reports of more than 10 collapsed buildings in one district in Turkey, it does not provide any evidence or further details about this claim either.