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1. An armed civilian successfully intervened to end a mass shooting at a shopping mall in Greenwood, Indiana, by engaging and killing the attacker in a shootout.

2. The incident has sparked debate about the role of bystanders during an active shooter attack and the impact of recent changes to gun laws in Indiana, which lifted its permit requirement to carry a handgun in public.

3. While advocates for expanding gun access often cite scenarios where an armed civilian stops a shooter, data shows that this is an uncommon occurrence during mass shootings.

Article analysis:

The Washington Post's article on the Greenwood Park Mall shooting provides a detailed account of the incident and its aftermath. However, the article appears to have a bias against gun ownership and concealed carry laws.

The article notes that an armed civilian successfully intervened to end the mass shooting, but then goes on to suggest that this is a rare occurrence during mass shootings. The article cites FBI studies showing that civilians killed gunmen in just 10 cases out of over 430 "active shooter incidents" dating back to 2000. However, this statistic does not take into account instances where an armed civilian may have prevented a mass shooting from occurring in the first place by deterring or stopping a potential attacker before they could carry out their plan.

The article also highlights Indiana's recent lifting of its permit requirement to carry a handgun in public, suggesting that this move could lead to more individuals carrying firearms and potentially causing more harm than good. However, the article fails to mention that many other states already have similar laws in place without experiencing an increase in gun violence.

Furthermore, the article quotes a law professor who researches the Second Amendment as saying that "these people are needed out there to help protect citizens, when in reality that’s the job of the police." This statement ignores the fact that police cannot be everywhere at once and may not always be able to respond quickly enough during an active shooter situation.

Overall, while the article provides valuable information about the Greenwood Park Mall shooting, it appears to have a bias against gun ownership and concealed carry laws. The article presents one-sided arguments and fails to consider alternative perspectives or evidence for its claims.