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1. Victoria's Secret model Kelly Gale shared a racy video on Instagram in which she jiggled her chest in a tangerine bikini during a beach photo shoot.

2. She also posted footage of herself wearing the revealing two-piece while on her way to the shoot and later uploaded a Boomerang clip of herself displaying her slender figure in white lace lingerie.

3. Kelly recently debuted her romance with Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman, having split from her high school sweetheart earlier this year.

Article analysis:

The article focuses on Kelly Gale, a Victoria's Secret model, and her recent Instagram posts showcasing her figure in a tangerine bikini and white lace lingerie. The article describes her as setting "pulses racing" and "flaunting" her figure. The language used is suggestive and objectifying, reducing Gale to just her physical appearance.

The article also mentions Gale's new relationship with Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman but provides no further information or context. This seems like unnecessary gossip that detracts from the focus on Gale's modeling career.

There is no exploration of the potential biases or sources of bias in the article. It is possible that the writer has a personal bias towards objectifying women or promoting unrealistic beauty standards. Additionally, there is no consideration given to the potential negative effects of this type of reporting on readers' self-esteem or body image.

Overall, this article appears to be more promotional than informative, focusing solely on Gale's physical appearance rather than providing any meaningful insights into her career or personal life.