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1. Guangdong Province has issued "Several Policies and Measures" to help the cultural, tourism, and sports industry overcome the difficulties caused by the COVID-19 epidemic and achieve stable development. The policy measures include 12 policies that guide enterprises to resume work and production in an orderly manner, increase policy support, precisely help industries severely affected by the epidemic, boost the cultural tourism and sports consumption market, and ensure precise policies have been implemented in terms of infrastructure and key project construction.

2. The policy measures include a combination of financial support and real money subsidies to ease production and operation difficulties for small and medium-sized cultural tourism and sports companies. The province will also provide loan interest discount support for relevant enterprises in seriously affected industries such as accommodation, travel agencies, scenic spots, resort areas, cultural and entertainment venues. Additionally, Guangdong will increase the reduction and exemption of rents for venues and parks.

3. To revive and boost the consumption of culture, tourism, and sports, Guangdong plans to expand a new space for cultural tourism and sports consumption by introducing social forces to stimulate market vitality. New formats such as online tourism will be cultivated while big gift packages will be launched to promote upgrading of consumption. After the epidemic is over, two key tourism revitalization activities will be organized: "Guangdong People Traveling to Guangdong" and "Global Tourism in Action".

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