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1. ICCC 2022 is the Thirteenth International Conference on Computational Creativity, which explores the potential for computers to be autonomous creators in their own right.

2. The conference welcomes papers on different aspects of computational creativity, including applications in specific domains, co-creativity between humans and machines, evaluation metrics and methodologies, cognitive and psychological models of creativity, ethical considerations, social aspects of creativity, and more.

3. The submission process has two stages: initial submission of a title and abstract, followed by submission of the full paper a week later. Papers will be reviewed in a double-blind fashion and authors should take appropriate steps to remain anonymous. All authors of accepted papers can opt to show a demo of their system or prototype during the conference.

Article analysis:

作为一篇关于ICCC 2022的会议通知,该文章提供了有关计算创造力的定义、主题和论文类型的详细信息。然而,在其内容中存在一些潜在的偏见和缺失。




最后,文章似乎过于宣传性质,没有提供足够的平衡和客观性。例如,在描述ICCC 2022组织委员会时,并没有提及其成员的背景或利益冲突。

总之,虽然该文章提供了有关ICCC 2022的重要信息,但它也存在一些潜在的偏见和缺失。为了更好地促进计算创造力研究的发展,我们需要更加客观和全面地探讨这个领域中存在的问题和挑战。