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Article summary:

1. 本研究分析了中国大学生的自主动机、加速度计测定的身体活动和生活质量之间的关联。

2. 方法部分需要更详细地描述样本,包括数据收集方式、数据丢失情况以及采用的抽样方法。

3. 结果部分需要提供更完整和清晰的表格,让读者更好地理解研究结果。

Article analysis:

1. The reviewer points out that the introduction of the article needs improvement, specifically in explaining the relationships between the variables studied and reviewing the scientific literature. This suggests that the authors may not have provided a comprehensive background for their research.

2. The reviewer also mentions that the methodology section lacks specific details about the sample, such as how the data was collected, how much data was lost, and what sampling method was chosen. This indicates a potential lack of transparency in the research process.

3. In terms of the variables, the reviewer suggests that the instruments used should be explained more specifically, including information on reliability and Cronbach's alpha. The reviewer also requests comparisons with previous validation studies and recent research to ensure validity.

4. The discussion section is criticized for being too short and lacking an in-depth analysis of the results compared to current research. This implies that the authors may not have thoroughly examined their findings or considered their implications within a broader context.

5. The reviewer expresses concern about the assertiveness of the implications presented in the article, suggesting that they should be more cautious since generalization cannot be made based on this type of study.

6. The second reviewer raises several concerns about the methods used in the study, particularly regarding which questionnaires were utilized and whether they were validated for use with Chinese populations. They request clarification on this matter and ask for references to support these choices.

7. The second reviewer also points out inconsistencies in terminology usage throughout the article and requests uniformity.

8. Specific issues are raised regarding certain sections of tables and text, such as missing descriptions for social problem and depression questions, unclear numbering in Table 2, spelling errors, and unsupported claims made without comparing gender differences or discussing relevant questions.

9. The second reviewer provides suggestions for further analysis, such as examining physical activity levels' impact on motivation, perceived competence, and quality of life through regression analysis. They also mention considering gender differences in the study.

Overall, the reviewers highlight several areas where the article can be improved, including providing a more comprehensive introduction, clarifying methodology details, ensuring instrument validity and reliability, expanding the discussion section, and addressing concerns raised by the second reviewer.