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1. David N. Hobson, Jr. has been practicing family law since 1985 in Oregon Circuit Courts, Court of Appeals, and Oregon Supreme Court.

2. He is certified as a Reference Judge for Family Law Cases in Washington County and as an Appellate Settlement Conference Mediator by the Oregon Court of Appeals.

3. David graduated from Jesuit High School in Beaverton, received his Bachelors of Arts degree from Yale College, and obtained his law degree from the University Of Oregon Law School.

Article analysis:

The article provides a brief overview of David N. Hobson Jr.'s legal career, highlighting his experience in family law and his certifications as a Reference Judge and Appellate Settlement Conference Mediator. While the article presents Mr. Hobson Jr. as a reputable lawyer with extensive experience in the field, there are several potential biases and shortcomings in the content.

One potential bias in the article is its promotional nature. The article focuses solely on Mr. Hobson Jr.'s qualifications and achievements, without providing any critical analysis or discussion of potential drawbacks or criticisms of his legal practice. This one-sided reporting could give readers a skewed perspective of Mr. Hobson Jr.'s abilities and may not present a balanced view of his work.

Additionally, the article lacks evidence to support some of the claims made about Mr. Hobson Jr.'s expertise and qualifications. For example, while it mentions that he is certified by the Oregon Supreme Court as a Reference Judge for Family Law Cases and by the Oregon Court of Appeals as an Appellate Settlement Conference Mediator, it does not provide any specific examples or cases where he has successfully utilized these certifications.

Furthermore, the article does not explore any potential counterarguments or criticisms of Mr. Hobson Jr.'s legal practice. It fails to address any possible risks or challenges that clients may face when working with him, which could lead to a lack of transparency for individuals seeking legal representation.

Overall, while the article provides basic information about David N. Hobson Jr.'s background and qualifications as a lawyer in Beaverton, Oregon, it lacks depth and critical analysis. Its promotional tone, lack of evidence for claims made, one-sided reporting, and failure to explore potential criticisms or counterarguments suggest that readers should approach this information with caution and seek additional sources for a more comprehensive understanding of Mr. Hobson Jr.'s legal practice.