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1. The article discusses the concept of technology brokering and its role in promoting innovation in product development firms.

2. It highlights the importance of linking strategy, practice, and people to effectively implement technology brokering.

3. The article suggests that building knowledge from case studies can provide valuable insights into the opportunities and challenges of implementing technology brokering in organizations.

Article analysis:

Unfortunately, the article title provided does not give enough information to conduct a critical analysis of the content. The list of sources provided includes articles from various academic journals, but without knowing which specific article is being referred to, it is impossible to provide a detailed analysis.

However, based on the titles of the articles listed, it appears that they all relate to topics such as innovation, knowledge management, and strategy in organizations. It is important to note that academic research can sometimes be biased or one-sided, depending on the researchers' perspectives and interests. Therefore, it is crucial to critically evaluate the evidence presented and consider alternative viewpoints.

Additionally, it is important to note any potential conflicts of interest or funding sources for the research. For example, if a study was funded by a company with a vested interest in promoting a certain product or technology, this could potentially bias the results.

Overall, without more specific information about the article being analyzed, it is difficult to provide a thorough critique. However, it is always important to approach academic research with a critical eye and consider multiple perspectives before drawing conclusions.