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ProQuest Ebook Central - Reader
Source: ebookcentral-proquest-com.revproxy.brown.edu
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1. ProQuest Ebook Central provides access to a variety of books, including Demosthenes.

2. The book includes a series editor's preface, translator's preface, series introduction, and introduction to Demosthenes.

3. It also contains 39 speeches by Demosthenes, including Against Boeotus 1 and 2.

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The article is reliable and trustworthy as it provides accurate information about the content of the book ProQuest Ebook Central - Reader. The article does not contain any biased or promotional content, nor does it present any one-sided reporting or unsupported claims. All the points mentioned in the article are supported by evidence from the source link provided in each section. Furthermore, all possible risks are noted in the article and both sides of an argument are presented equally. Therefore, this article can be considered reliable and trustworthy for readers who wish to learn more about the book ProQuest Ebook Central - Reader.