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1. Product-led growth requires attracting a large pool of potential users while spending very little on customer acquisition cost.

2. Product-led marketing involves making it easy for end-users to discover your product through organic search/SEO and product virality.

3. PLG products can use sidecar products, templates, programmatic landing pages, and documentation to attract and activate users efficiently.

Article analysis:

The article titled "Product-led marketing" by Kyle Poyar in Lenny's Newsletter provides insights into the challenges of product-led growth (PLG) and how to overcome them through product-led marketing. The author highlights the importance of attracting a vast pool of potential users interested in the product while spending very little on customer acquisition cost (CAC). The article provides data from OpenView's 2022 Product Benchmarks survey to explain the PLG funnel math, which shows that an average freemium PLG product attracts 1,000 unique visitors to their website each day, resulting in 60 free signups and three paying customers.

The author suggests that organic search/SEO and product virality are two primary strategies for making it easy for end-users to discover the product when they need it. The article provides examples of how PLG products like Airtable, Miro, Snyk, Webflow, and Zapier disproportionately attract users through these two channels. The author recommends starting with these channels before spreading resources across other channels like paid advertising, channel partnerships, cloud marketplaces, and outbound business development.

The article explores two acquisition sources: organic search and product virality. It explains how organic search can be used to attract high-intent audiences through sidecar products that add value to their experience without paywalls or gates required. The author provides examples of Snyk's Open Source Vulnerability Database and Airtable's pre-built templates around popular jobs-to-be-done.

The article also discusses programmatic landing pages tied to all the various combinations of a product's use cases as another way to attract diverse sets of potential users. The author cites Zapier's library of more than 70,000 "how-to connect x + y app" landing pages as an example.

Overall, the article provides useful insights into how PLG companies can use product-led marketing strategies to overcome challenges related to CAC. However, the article is biased towards PLG companies and does not consider other types of companies that may have different growth strategies. Additionally, the article does not explore potential risks associated with relying solely on organic search and product virality for growth.