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1. Palliative care is multidimensional and requires addressing physical, emotional, social, and spiritual pain. The humanities offer a framework for addressing the nonphysical aspects of chronic illness and honoring the patient's story of suffering, meaning, lived life, relationships, and the sacred or significant in the clinical setting.

2. The humanistic clinician incorporates optimal traits through which a humanities perspective may be expressed in daily palliative endeavors. Six such traits are suggested: compassion, empathy, narrative competence, a meaning-centered life, humility, and self-care.

3. Meaning is central to end-of-life experience and sustaining a sense of meaning in a person's life allows for well-being, peace and contentment and facilitates self-transcendence and a sense of connectedness with others and that which is greater than oneself. The most important role for the humanistic clinician is to facilitate the discovery of meaning after control of physical pain and symptoms.

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