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1. Remote sensing (RS) and GIS are used to monitor land use change, such as vegetation, agricultural land, and urban areas.

2. Temperature-vegetation space is an important factor for monitoring earth’s skin heat variation.

3. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the use of satellite image and geo-spatial tools in assessing the environmental conditions in Iraq region's megacities.

Article analysis:

The article is reliable in terms of its research methodology and data sources; however, it does not provide any counterarguments or alternative perspectives on the topic. Additionally, there is no mention of potential risks associated with using satellite images or geo-spatial tools for environmental assessment in Iraq region's megacities. Furthermore, there is no discussion on how these tools can be used to mitigate potential risks or how they can be used to improve environmental conditions in Iraq region's megacities. As such, this article could benefit from exploring these topics further to provide a more balanced view on the issue at hand.