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1. This paper performs the first systematic study of poisoning attacks and their countermeasures for linear regression models.

2. A theoretically-grounded optimization framework is proposed specifically designed for linear regression and demonstrated to be effective on a range of datasets and models.

3. A new principled defense method is introduced that is highly resilient against all poisoning attacks, with formal guarantees about its convergence and an upper bound on the effect of poisoning attacks when deployed.

Article analysis:

The article “Manipulating Machine Learning: Poisoning Attacks and Countermeasures for Regression Learning” by Matthew Jagielski is a well-researched piece that provides an in-depth analysis of the potential risks posed by machine learning algorithms, as well as potential countermeasures to mitigate these risks. The article does not appear to have any biases or one-sided reporting, as it presents both sides of the argument equally and objectively. All claims made are supported by evidence from experiments conducted on three realistic datasets from health care, loan assessment, and real estate domains. Furthermore, no points of consideration are missing from the article, as it covers all aspects related to poisoning attacks and their countermeasures in detail. There is also no promotional content or partiality present in the article; instead, it provides an unbiased overview of the topic at hand. Finally, possible risks are noted throughout the article, making it clear that machine learning algorithms can be manipulated if proper countermeasures are not taken into account. In conclusion, this article can be considered reliable and trustworthy due to its comprehensive coverage of the topic at hand and lack of bias or one-sided reporting.