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1. 建筑设计需要考虑社会价值,而不仅仅是形式、功能和技术。

2. 在企业房地产管理和设施管理领域,建筑物、设施和服务可以为客户、最终用户、其他利益相关者和整个社会增加价值。

3. 教授学生价值敏感的建筑设计和管理方法有助于提供符合人们需求和利益的可持续建筑环境。

Article analysis:

The article discusses the need to incorporate societal values in architectural design and management of buildings and facilities. While the concept of value is explored in different contexts, such as cultural and economic, the article fails to acknowledge potential biases that may arise from prioritizing certain values over others. The author presents a step-by-step model for value adding design and management processes but does not provide evidence or examples of its effectiveness.

The article also lacks consideration of potential risks associated with incorporating societal values, such as conflicting interests among stakeholders or unintended consequences. The author suggests teaching students about value-sensitive design and management, but it is unclear how this approach would address these challenges.

Furthermore, the article seems to promote a user-centered approach without acknowledging the importance of balancing user needs with other stakeholders' interests, such as investors or government regulations. The author mentions Corporate Social Responsibility but does not explore how it can be integrated into design and management practices.

Overall, while the article raises important points about incorporating societal values in architectural design and management, it lacks critical analysis and evidence-based arguments to support its claims. It also overlooks potential biases and risks associated with prioritizing certain values over others.