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1. Bulgari is celebrating the 75th anniversary of its Serpenti collection with an exhibition called “Bulgari Serpenti 75 Years of Infinite Tales” at the Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai.

2. The exhibition features three thematic sections and invited contemporary artists to reinterpret the heritage and signature design codes of the Serpenti, along with five Serpenti High Jewellery creations.

3. The launch of the Serpenti Factory coincides with the exhibition, which focuses on the snake as an endless source of creative production and showcases its history and craftsmanship through multisensory technologies and campaigns.

Article analysis:

The article discusses the Bulgari Serpenti 75 Years of Infinite Tales exhibition, which celebrates the 75th anniversary of Bulgari's Serpenti collection. The exhibition is held at the Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai and features three thematic sections: "The Legend of a Sign," "Crafting Sinuosity," and "The Future of an Icon." The article highlights the use of contemporary art to reinterpret the heritage and signature design codes of the Serpenti, as well as Bulgari's creation of five Serpenti High Jewellery creations to celebrate the occasion.

While the article provides a detailed overview of the exhibition and its highlights, it is important to note that it is promotional content for Bulgari. As such, it may be biased towards presenting only positive aspects of the exhibition and may not provide a balanced view. Additionally, while the article mentions contemporary artists who have reinterpreted the Serpenti motif, it does not explore any potential criticisms or negative reactions to their work.

Furthermore, while the article notes that Bulgari sees the snake as a statement of female empowerment, it does not provide any evidence or support for this claim. It also does not explore any potential risks or controversies associated with using animal motifs in fashion and luxury goods.

Overall, while informative about the exhibition itself, readers should approach this article with caution due to its promotional nature and potential biases.