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1. This study examined the topographical anatomy of the iliopsoas and gluteus medius muscles in 34 foetal specimens between gestational ages 6-16 weeks.

2. The findings suggest that twisting of the femoral neck begins at 8-9 weeks, with the IP inserted into the anteromedial side of the greater trochanter and GME wrapped around it.

3. After 12 weeks, a deep flexion at the hip joint caused an alteration in the relative heights of the lesser and greater trochanters, with the former migrating from inferior to superior side.

Article analysis:

This article is generally reliable and trustworthy as it provides detailed information about its research methods, results, and conclusions. The authors have used a large sample size (34 foetal specimens) which increases confidence in their findings. Furthermore, they have provided clear explanations for their results which makes them easier to understand. Additionally, they have discussed potential limitations of their study such as small sample size or lack of control group which adds to its credibility. However, there are some areas where this article could be improved upon such as providing more detail about how exactly femoral torsion occurs or exploring possible counterarguments to their conclusions. Additionally, there is no discussion about potential risks associated with this phenomenon which should be addressed in future studies.