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1. Nadhim Zahawi, the Tory Party chairman, has been accused of trying to avoid tax and has now had to pay it back as part of a multi-million pound settlement.

2. Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab said "all the tax owed has been paid" and it was for Mr Zahawi to answer any further questions.

3. Labour is calling for Mr Zahawi to be sacked from his position as chancellor, while the BBC has approached him for comment on the allegations.

Article analysis:

This article is generally reliable and trustworthy in its reporting of the allegations against Nadhim Zahawi regarding tax affairs. The article provides a balanced view of the situation by presenting both sides of the story - that of Labour's calls for Mr Zahawi's dismissal and that of Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab's defence of him - without appearing biased towards either side. The article also includes relevant background information about Balshore Investments, which is at the centre of the row, and provides an explanation as to why penalties can be applied if taxes are not paid in full or on time.

The only potential issue with this article is that it does not provide any evidence or sources to back up its claims about Mr Zahawi's alleged attempts to avoid paying taxes or his subsequent payment of them. This could lead some readers to question whether these claims are true or not, although it should be noted that they have been reported by other news outlets such as The Guardian.