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1. Tim O'Neill made a comment on Bart Ehrman's blog criticizing Richard Carrier's peer-reviewed article on the James passage in Josephus, to which Ehrman responded positively.

2. O'Neill's comment was incorrect and did not address any of Carrier's actual arguments or evidence.

3. The Ananus who killed James was not the same Ananus who later courted Jesus ben Damneus; this was due to the fact that the former had been disgraced by the Jewish and Roman elite, while the latter had increased in glory every day.

Article analysis:

The article by Richard Carrier is generally reliable and trustworthy, as it provides evidence for its claims and presents both sides of the argument fairly. However, there are some potential biases present in the article that should be noted. For example, Carrier does not explore any counterarguments to his own claims, nor does he provide any evidence for his assertions about Tim O'Neill's qualifications or lack thereof. Additionally, there is a certain level of promotional content present in the article as Carrier references his own work multiple times throughout without providing any additional context or explanation for why it is relevant to the discussion at hand. Furthermore, while Carrier does provide evidence for his claims, he does not always note possible risks associated with them or present both sides of an argument equally. All in all, while this article is generally reliable and trustworthy, readers should be aware of these potential biases when reading it.