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1. This article compares the original 1985 Thundercats character, Cheetara, to the 2011 remake in terms of their outfits.

2. The original outfit was modest and featured a one-sleeved orange leotard, while the remake made her look more sexy and girly with a two-piece brown costume.

3. The pros and cons of the remade outfit include looking younger and less dangerous but potentially being underestimated by enemies, as well as having less muscle mass for increased mobility.

Article analysis:

The article titled "Cheetara" provides a comparison between the original 1985 Thundercats Cheetara and the 2011 remake. While it attempts to analyze the pros and cons of both outfits, it is important to note that the article contains several biases, unsupported claims, and missing evidence.

Firstly, the article displays a biased tone towards the original version of Cheetara. The author describes her outfit as "modest" and praises her choice of boots for protection during combat. However, this characterization ignores the fact that modesty does not necessarily equate to practicality or effectiveness in battle. Additionally, the author assumes that Cheetara's new outfit is solely designed to be "sexy," without considering other possible reasons for the changes.

Furthermore, the article makes unsupported claims about the motivations behind Cheetara's costume changes. It suggests that she may have become less muscular due to laziness or lack of enemies to fight. These claims are purely speculative and lack any evidence from official sources or interviews with creators.

The article also fails to explore counterarguments or present both sides equally. It only briefly mentions that some people argue newer versions are always better but does not provide any further analysis or opinions from those who prefer the 2011 remake. This one-sided reporting limits a comprehensive understanding of different perspectives on Cheetara's character redesign.

Additionally, there are instances of promotional content within the article. The author repeatedly refers to Cheetara as a "badass speedster" and emphasizes her attractiveness and sex appeal in both versions. This focus on sexualizing the character detracts from a more objective analysis of her design choices.

Moreover, potential risks associated with Cheetara's new outfit are not adequately addressed. The removal of her boots could lead to increased strain on her feet while running at high speeds, which could potentially hinder her abilities in combat. However, this concern is only briefly mentioned without further exploration or analysis.

Overall, the article lacks a critical analysis of the content it presents. It contains biases towards the original version of Cheetara, unsupported claims about her motivations and physical changes, missing evidence for its claims, unexplored counterarguments, and promotional content. A more balanced and evidence-based approach would have provided a more comprehensive understanding of the topic.