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1. The trial of former Burgschauspieler Florian Teichtmeister for possession of child abuse material has been adjourned due to the defendant's illness.

2. Teichtmeister is expected to plead guilty and his lawyers are expecting a probation sentence if he does so.

3. The court has not provided any further details about the illness or a new trial date.

Article analysis:

The article is generally reliable and trustworthy, as it provides accurate information about the case and its proceedings. It also includes quotes from Teichtmeister's lawyers, which adds credibility to the article. However, there are some potential biases in the article that should be noted. Firstly, the article does not provide any counterarguments or perspectives from other parties involved in the case, such as prosecutors or victims' families. This could lead to a one-sided reporting of the case that does not present both sides equally. Secondly, there is no mention of possible risks associated with Teichtmeister's plea deal or probation sentence, which could be seen as an oversight by the author of the article. Finally, there is no exploration of alternative explanations for Teichtmeister's illness that could have caused him to miss his court date, which could lead readers to draw their own conclusions without sufficient evidence to back them up.