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1. Sudan's army and paramilitary forces are engaged in a power struggle, with dozens killed in the conflict.

2. The Texas abortion pill ruling has sparked controversy and condemnation from Democratic senators.

3. SpaceX has been granted approval by the FAA for an orbital flight test of its Starship rocket system.

Article analysis:

The article from Yahoo News covers a range of topics, including politics, weather, sports, and entertainment. However, there are some potential biases and missing points of consideration in the reporting.

One example is the coverage of the power struggle in Sudan. The article cites two sources that report on the conflict between the army and paramilitary forces. However, there is little context provided about the political situation in Sudan or the history of tensions between these groups. This lack of background information could lead to a one-sided understanding of the conflict.

Another potential bias is seen in the reporting on abortion rights in Texas. The article includes quotes from Democratic senators condemning a federal judge's ruling to block access to abortion drugs. However, there is no mention of any opposing viewpoints or arguments for why this ruling was made. This one-sided reporting could lead readers to believe that there is only one valid perspective on this issue.

Additionally, some articles include promotional content or partiality towards certain individuals or organizations. For example, an article about Keanu Reeves and his girlfriend's appearance at a red carpet event includes multiple sources with similar headlines and photos. While this may be interesting to some readers, it does not provide much value beyond promoting their public image.

Overall, while the articles cover a range of topics and provide some useful information, there are potential biases and missing points of consideration that could limit readers' understanding of these issues. It would be beneficial for future reporting to provide more context and present both sides equally to ensure a well-rounded understanding for readers.