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1. Accurate long-term precipitation data is critical for understanding the mechanisms behind how precipitation couples with Earth's water fluxes, energy balances, and biogeochemical cycles across space-time scales under the changing climate.

2. Monitoring global precipitation is likely only possible from the vantage point of space, and most state-of-the-art global and regional precipitation products are obtained through ground-based measurements, satellite-based retrievals, and atmospheric retrospective-analysis models.

3. ECMWF released its fifth generation of global atmospheric reanalysis, ERA5 (0.25°, 1-hourly, 1950–present), including consistent "maps without gaps" of the total precipitation, which assimilates observations collected from a rate of approximately 0.75 million day−1 on average in 1979 to ∼24 million day−1 by January 2019 from over 200 satellite instruments. Meanwhile, a downscaled land product has also been developed: ERA5-Land (0.1°, 1-hourly).

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