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1. The relationship between diversification and firm performance is incomplete without considering the firm's information technology (IT) spending.

2. IT spending interacts with related diversification to have a positive effect on firm performance, but similar interactions with unrelated diversification do not have any effects on firm performance.

3. The interaction between IT spending and geographic diversification is positively associated with performance only when the level of geographic diversification is low.

Article analysis:

The article titled "Diversification and Firm Performance: Exploring the Moderating Effects of Information Technology Spending" published in the Journal of Management Information Systems attempts to fill a gap in the literature by examining the performance effects of diversification under different types and levels of diversification. The authors argue that IT spending is likely to moderate the relationship between diversification and performance by enabling coordination and control in firms.

The article provides a comprehensive review of the existing literature on diversification and its impact on firm performance. However, it fails to acknowledge potential biases in the research, such as publication bias or selective reporting bias. The authors also do not provide any evidence for their claims regarding IT spending's moderating effect on diversification.

The study's methodology is sound, using data from large U.S. manufacturing firms to test their research hypotheses. However, the authors' interpretation of their results may be biased towards promoting IT spending as a solution for improving firm performance.

One limitation of this study is that it only examines large U.S. manufacturing firms, which may limit its generalizability to other industries or countries. Additionally, the study does not consider other potential moderating factors that may impact the relationship between diversification and performance.

Overall, while this article provides valuable insights into how IT spending can moderate the relationship between diversification and firm performance, it is important to approach its findings with caution due to potential biases and limitations in its methodology. Further research is needed to fully understand how different factors impact this relationship across various industries and contexts.