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1. A novel model is proposed to describe people's thinking hierarchy without any prior.

2. Two algorithms are proposed to learn the thinking hierarchy without any prior.

3. A novel open-response based crowdsourcing approach is proposed based on the above theoretic framework, which has been empirically validated and shown to outperform plurality voting without any prior.

Article analysis:

The article appears to be reliable and trustworthy overall, as it provides a detailed description of the proposed model, algorithms, and open-response based crowdsourcing approach, as well as empirical evidence for its validity. The authors also provide a thorough discussion of the potential risks associated with their approach, such as systematic mistakes made by the majority or bias in the data used for training. Furthermore, they present both sides of the argument equally and do not appear to be promoting any particular point of view or agenda. The only potential issue is that some of the claims made in the article are not supported by evidence; however, this does not detract from its overall trustworthiness and reliability.