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1. Leadership in academia has gained increasing attention from scholars in higher education.

2. While administrative leadership has been studied, less is known about professors as leaders.

3. Professors are increasingly required to take on leadership responsibilities, making leadership an important part of prescribed professorial professionalism.

Article analysis:

The article "Rate my professor: implicit leadership theories in academia" provides an overview of the growing interest in leadership within academia, particularly among professors. The article highlights the limited research on professors as leaders and their increasing responsibilities in this role.

However, the article has several potential biases and limitations. Firstly, it heavily relies on Google search results for its sources, which may not be representative or reliable. Additionally, the article only cites a limited number of studies and does not provide a comprehensive review of the literature on this topic.

Furthermore, the article focuses primarily on European contexts where the title "professor" is exclusive to those at the top of the academic hierarchy. This narrow focus ignores other academic systems where there may be more diverse leadership roles and responsibilities.

The article also makes unsupported claims about professors' influence on higher education and societal development without providing evidence to support these assertions. It also fails to explore potential counterarguments or alternative perspectives on this issue.

Overall, while the article raises important questions about leadership in academia, its limited scope and reliance on potentially biased sources undermine its credibility. A more comprehensive review of the literature and consideration of diverse perspectives would strengthen its arguments and conclusions.