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Research Paper
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Article summary:

1. Research papers should adhere to specific guidelines, including a minimum word count of 3500 words, the use of a provided Microsoft Word template, and submission in English language only.

2. Manuscripts should include text, figures, and tables with clear captions and references in the IEEE citation style.

3. Sections such as Title Page, Abstract, Introduction, Literature Review, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, and References should be included in the research paper following specific guidelines for each section.

Article analysis:

The guidelines provided for composing a research paper are detailed and comprehensive, covering various aspects from word count requirements to submission formats and citation styles. However, there are some potential biases and sources of bias that can be identified in the article.

One potential bias is the requirement for submissions to be in English language only. This may exclude valuable research conducted in other languages, limiting the diversity of perspectives and findings that could be included in the publication. Additionally, the emphasis on using the IEEE citation style may favor certain types of research or disciplines over others, potentially excluding valuable contributions from fields that do not typically use this style.

The guidelines also seem to prioritize quantitative research methods, as evidenced by the emphasis on data analysis methods and statistical tools in the Methods and Results sections. This may overlook the value of qualitative research approaches and limit the scope of research that is considered acceptable for submission.

Furthermore, there is a lack of discussion on ethical considerations in conducting research, such as obtaining informed consent from participants or addressing potential conflicts of interest. This oversight could lead to unethical practices being overlooked or ignored in submitted papers.

The guidelines also do not address potential risks associated with publishing research, such as plagiarism or data fabrication. Including information on how these risks are mitigated or addressed could help ensure the integrity of published research.

Overall, while the guidelines provide a thorough framework for composing a research paper, there are potential biases and areas for improvement that should be considered to promote inclusivity, diversity, and ethical conduct in academic publishing.