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1. A security guard in Brazil fatally shot his colleague in the head after an argument over a piece of paper.

2. The disturbing incident was captured on CCTV, showing the gunman calmly walking away after shooting the 23-year-old porter multiple times.

3. The authorities are still searching for the suspect, and investigations are underway to determine if he had any accomplices.

Article analysis:

Title: CCTV shows security guard shoot colleague, 23, in head at point blank range before calmly walking away - World News - Mirror Online


1. Biases and Sources:

The article does not explicitly display any biases in terms of political or ideological leanings. However, it is important to note that the article is from the Mirror Online, a tabloid newspaper known for sensationalism and dramatic reporting. This may indicate a potential bias towards creating a shocking narrative to attract readers.

2. One-sided Reporting:

The article primarily focuses on the actions of the security guard and portrays him as the sole aggressor. It does not provide any information about the events leading up to the argument between the two colleagues or any possible motivations behind the shooting. This one-sided reporting limits a comprehensive understanding of the incident.

3. Unsupported Claims:

The article claims that an argument over a piece of paper led to the shooting without providing any evidence or witness statements to support this claim. Without further investigation or official statements, it is premature to conclude that such a trivial matter was solely responsible for such a violent act.

4. Missing Points of Consideration:

The article fails to explore other factors that could have contributed to this tragic incident, such as workplace conflicts, personal issues between the individuals involved, or potential mental health concerns of either party. These missing points limit a more nuanced understanding of what transpired.

5. Missing Evidence for Claims Made:

The article mentions that other security guards present at the scene "should have acted and they did not act." However, no evidence or explanation is provided as to why these guards did not intervene or whether they had any knowledge of what was about to happen.

6. Unexplored Counterarguments:

There are no counterarguments presented in this article that challenge or question the actions of either individual involved in this incident. A more balanced approach would include perspectives from witnesses, experts, or law enforcement officials who could provide additional insights.

7. Partiality and Not Presenting Both Sides Equally:

The article focuses solely on the actions of the security guard, portraying him as the aggressor, while providing limited information about the victim or any potential role he may have played in the altercation. This lack of balance can lead to a biased representation of events.

8. Possible Risks Noted:

The article does not explicitly note any possible risks associated with this incident, such as workplace violence or the need for improved security protocols. Including such information would provide readers with a broader understanding of the implications and potential preventive measures.

In conclusion, this article from Mirror Online presents a sensationalized account of a tragic incident without providing sufficient evidence or exploring all relevant factors. The one-sided reporting and lack of balanced perspectives limit its credibility and hinder a comprehensive understanding of what transpired.