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1. Bojan Vesković is a financial advisor from Kragujevac who will be discussing topics related to finance on his website.

2. He will be sharing his personal views, habits, and beliefs of successful and responsible people in the world regarding investments, private pensions, savings, insurance, and investing.

3. The article also discusses the importance of teaching children about money and investing by introducing them to CashFlow games instead of Monopoly.

Article analysis:

The article is written by Bojan Vesković himself which could lead to potential bias in the content presented as he may be promoting his own services or products. Additionally, there are no sources cited for any of the claims made in the article which makes it difficult to verify their accuracy or trustworthiness. Furthermore, there are no counterarguments presented in the article which could provide a more balanced view on the topics discussed. The article also does not mention any potential risks associated with investing or other financial activities which could leave readers unaware of possible dangers they may face when engaging in such activities. Finally, there is some promotional content present in the article as it mentions CashFlow games as an alternative to Monopoly without providing any evidence that this game is actually better than Monopoly for teaching children about money and investing.