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Marketplace Portal
Source: portal.photomath.net
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Article summary:

1. The Photomath Portal should not be opened in a separate tab while taking a test.

2. A calculus bundle is likely being offered on the Marketplace Portal.

3. There is a question about multiplying complex numbers on the test.

Article analysis:

Unfortunately, the article provided is not related to a marketplace portal as the title suggests. Instead, it appears to be a warning message for students taking a calculus test on the Photomath Portal.

As such, there are no potential biases or sources of bias to analyze in this context. However, it is worth noting that the article's lack of relevance to its title could be seen as misleading or confusing for readers who were expecting information about a marketplace portal.

Additionally, the article's instructions regarding not opening the Photomath Portal in a new tab while taking a test seem straightforward and reasonable. However, it is unclear why this warning is necessary or what consequences may occur if someone does open the portal in a new tab.

Overall, while there are no significant issues with bias or unsupported claims in this article, its lack of relevance to its title and limited information provided make it difficult to provide a comprehensive analysis.