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1. Extrachromosomal DNA is associated with oncogene amplification and poor outcome across multiple cancers.

2. Data from the ICGC and TCGA projects are available to access sequencing data.

3. Studies have shown that extrachromosomal oncogene amplification can drive tumour evolution and genetic heterogeneity, as well as contribute to dynamic disease evolution in glioblastoma.

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The article is generally reliable and trustworthy, providing evidence for its claims through references to studies conducted by other researchers in the field. The article also provides links to data sources such as the ICGC and TCGA projects, which adds credibility to the claims made in the article. Furthermore, the article does not appear to be biased or one-sided, presenting both sides of the argument equally. There are no unsupported claims or missing points of consideration, and all evidence presented is supported by references to other studies. The article does not appear to contain any promotional content or partiality, and it notes possible risks associated with extrachromosomal DNA amplification. In conclusion, this article appears to be reliable and trustworthy overall.