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1. This study aimed to assess the performance of the latest Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Integrated Multi-satellite Retrievals for GPM (IMERG) version 5 (IMERG V5) and Global Satellite Mapping of Precipitation version 7 (GSMaP V7) products and their hydrological utilities over the Tibetan Plateau (TP).

2. Results show that all four satellite precipitation products could generally capture the spatial patterns of precipitation over the TP. The two gauge-adjusted products were more consistent with the ground measurements than the satellite-only products in terms of statistical assessment.

3. For hydrological simulation, GSMaP-Gauge demonstrated comparable performance with gauge reference data, suggesting that GSMaP-Gauge can be selected for hydrological application in the TP.

Article analysis:

This article provides an evaluation and hydrological utility of two satellite precipitation products, GPM IMERG V5 and GSMaP V7, over the Tibetan Plateau. The article is well written and provides a comprehensive overview of its topic. It is clear that a lot of research has gone into this article as it provides detailed information on both satellite precipitation products as well as their performance in terms of statistical assessment and hydrological simulation.

The article does not appear to have any biases or one-sided reporting as it presents both sides equally and objectively. All claims made are supported by evidence from previous studies, making them reliable and trustworthy. Furthermore, all possible risks associated with using these satellite precipitation products are noted in the article, which adds to its credibility.

The only potential issue with this article is that it does not explore any counterarguments or alternative solutions to using these satellite precipitation products for hydrological applications on the Tibetan Plateau. However, this does not detract from its overall quality or reliability as it still provides a thorough overview of its topic.