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1. Focus on becoming useful and building your value to the world.

2. Put money aside and don't believe anything mainstream.

3. Develop emotional control, become exceptional at one thing, trust no one but be gracious, train your body, and leave home.

Article analysis:

The article is written by Alex Kallimanis, a 38-year-old man reflecting on his life experiences and offering advice to others. The article is generally trustworthy in its advice; however, there are some biases that should be noted.

First, the article promotes an individualistic approach to life that may not be suitable for everyone. It encourages readers to focus on their own personal growth and development rather than considering the collective good of society or their community. This could lead to a sense of isolation or alienation from those around them if taken too far.

Second, the article suggests that mainstream media is “nothing more than entertainment designed to make you fearful” which is an overly simplistic view of the media landscape today. While it is true that some media outlets can be biased or sensationalist in their reporting, there are also many reliable sources of news and information available today that can provide valuable insight into current events and issues facing society today.

Third, the article encourages readers to “trust no one” which could lead to feelings of paranoia or mistrust towards others which could have negative consequences in relationships with family members or friends. It also fails to mention any potential risks associated with this approach such as missing out on opportunities due to lack of trust in others or being taken advantage of by unscrupulous individuals who may take advantage of someone’s lack of trust in others.

Finally, while the article does offer some sound advice such as focusing on becoming useful and putting money aside for savings, it fails to mention any potential counterarguments or alternative perspectives which could provide a more balanced view of the topics discussed in the article.

In conclusion, while this article offers some sound advice for personal growth and development it should be read with caution due to its individualistic approach and lack of consideration for alternative perspectives or counterarguments which could provide a more balanced view of the topics discussed in the article.