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1. The relationship between the US and China is facing a crisis of trust due to issues such as trade, technology, and human rights.

2. Both countries have taken actions that have damaged trust, such as the US banning Chinese tech companies and China's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

3. Rebuilding trust will require both countries to address their own internal issues and work towards cooperation on global challenges.

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The article titled "America, China and a Crisis of Trust" published in The New York Times discusses the current state of relations between the United States and China. The author argues that there is a growing lack of trust between the two countries due to various issues such as trade disputes, human rights violations, and geopolitical tensions.

The article highlights how both countries have been engaging in a blame game, with each side accusing the other of being responsible for the deteriorating relationship. The author also notes that this lack of trust has led to increased competition in areas such as technology and military power.

While the article provides some insights into the current state of US-China relations, it does not explore all sides equally. For example, it does not delve into China's perspective on these issues or provide evidence for some of its claims. Additionally, it could benefit from exploring potential solutions to this crisis of trust rather than just highlighting the problems.

Overall, while the article provides some valuable insights into US-China relations, it could benefit from more balanced reporting and exploration of potential solutions.