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1. Project Veritas released a video of a Pfizer executive discussing the potential to “mutate” COVID-19 through “Directed Evolution” in order to stay ahead of the game and continue to profit from vaccines.

2. The executive admitted that the virus was likely started in Wuhan by humans helping to mutate it, and that they would deliberately infect monkeys with the virus for their experiment.

3. The executive also admitted that COVID-19 has been a “cash cow” for the company and will continue to be one.

Article analysis:

This article is written by an unknown author, which raises questions about its trustworthiness and reliability. Additionally, there are no sources cited in the article, making it difficult to verify any of the claims made in it. Furthermore, there is no evidence provided for any of the claims made in the article, such as those regarding Pfizer's alleged plans to "mutate" COVID-19 or its potential profits from vaccines. Additionally, there is no exploration of counterarguments or other points of view presented in this article, making it appear one-sided and potentially biased towards Pfizer's perspective. Finally, there is promotional content included in this article (e.g., mentioning Project Veritas' upcoming Twitter Space), which could indicate partiality towards certain organizations or individuals mentioned in it. In conclusion, this article appears to lack credibility due to its lack of sources and evidence for its claims as well as its one-sided reporting and promotional content.