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1. American men are no longer interested in American women due to their demands.

2. The empowered American woman comes with a lot of expectations that the American man is not willing to meet.

3. The dating wars between American men and women have begun.

Article analysis:

The article is written from a biased perspective, as it paints an overly negative picture of American women and their expectations without providing any evidence or counterarguments to support its claims. It also fails to explore the potential risks associated with this situation, such as the potential for increased gender inequality in relationships or the potential for increased violence against women due to frustration from men who feel they cannot meet these expectations. Additionally, the article does not present both sides equally, instead focusing solely on the male perspective without exploring how this situation might affect women or how they might be feeling about it. Furthermore, there is no evidence provided to back up any of the claims made in the article, making it difficult to assess its accuracy and reliability. Finally, there is a lack of exploration into alternative solutions or ways that both parties can work together to find common ground and create a more equitable relationship dynamic.