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1. 本文探讨了博士生导师计划中的导师支持系统,旨在为学者实践者提供资源和导师接触,以促进在五年内成功完成学位。

2. 导师通过每月与学员进行视频录制的演示和讨论来支持他们的博士之旅,并涉及到有关论文过程、支持外展、工作/生活平衡等方面的主题。

3. 该研究为EdD教育博士一年级和二年级学生提供了群体辅导和讨论主题的洞察力,这是少有的针对学者实践者的指导计划研究。

Article analysis:

The article focuses on exploring mentor support systems for Education doctoral (EdD) students in their first and second year of the program. While the study provides valuable insights into group mentoring and discussion topics for EdD students, it has several limitations that need to be addressed.

Firstly, the study only focuses on the perspectives of mentors, which may not provide a complete picture of the mentoring program's effectiveness. The mentees' experiences and feedback are equally important in evaluating the program's success.

Secondly, the study does not consider the diversity of EdD students' backgrounds and needs. The types of support required by a full-time working student may differ from those who are pursuing their degree full-time without any work commitments.

Thirdly, while the study highlights themes related to mentors' focus on dissertation processes and work/life balance, it does not explore how these themes translate into practical support for mentees. Without concrete examples of how mentors provide support in these areas, it is challenging to evaluate their effectiveness.

Finally, the article lacks a critical analysis of potential risks associated with group mentoring programs. For example, some mentees may feel uncomfortable sharing personal or professional challenges in a group setting or may not receive individualized attention from mentors due to group dynamics.

Overall, while the article provides valuable insights into mentor support systems for EdD students, it would benefit from a more comprehensive approach that considers both mentors' and mentees' perspectives and addresses potential risks associated with group mentoring programs.