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1. Students at Niles West High School in Skokie have led two walkouts to protest what they call a culture of racism on campus, following an incident where a group of students were heard yelling racial slurs and making monkey sounds towards Black students.

2. The district has been criticized for not being transparent about how they’re disciplining students who use racist language and hate speech, and for not providing guidance or protocols on how to handle hate speech should teachers hear it in schools.

3. The school district has implemented several programs including training for teachers and a microaggression public awareness and education campaign, but some students and staff still do not feel emotionally safe and welcome in schools due to racism.

Article analysis:

The article "Niles West High School Students Speak Out Against Racist Attacks" by WTTW News reports on the recent protests led by students at Niles West High School in Skokie against what they call a culture of racism on campus. The article provides insights into the incidents that led to the protests, including racial slurs and derogatory comments directed towards Black students, and highlights the concerns of students, parents, and district leaders about the lack of transparency in how such incidents are being handled.

However, the article has some potential biases and one-sided reporting. For instance, it does not provide any evidence or perspectives from those accused of making racist remarks or their defenders. While it is essential to report on incidents of racism and discrimination, it is also crucial to present both sides equally to avoid promoting partiality.

Moreover, the article lacks evidence for some claims made. For example, it states that Black staff have left the school due to racism from parents without providing any specific examples or sources to support this claim. Similarly, it mentions that Black students are being disproportionately disciplined but does not provide any data or context to explain why this is happening.

Additionally, the article misses some points of consideration and unexplored counterarguments. For instance, while it highlights concerns about a lack of transparency in how racist incidents are being handled, it does not explore possible reasons for this or consider alternative perspectives on how best to address these issues.

Furthermore, while the article notes that Niles West High School has implemented several programs aimed at promoting equity and anti-racism practices, such as training for teachers and microaggression public awareness campaigns, it does not provide any evidence of their effectiveness or whether they have been successful in addressing racial tensions on campus.

In conclusion, while "Niles West High School Students Speak Out Against Racist Attacks" provides valuable insights into recent protests against racism at Niles West High School in Skokie, its potential biases and one-sided reporting suggest that readers should seek additional sources and perspectives before forming their opinions on this issue.