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1. The newly revised "Regulations on Military Archives" aims to standardize military archives work under the current system, guide it to focus on war preparations, and promote its informatization transformation.

2. The revision process involved extensive research and solicitation of opinions from various departments within the military archives system and relevant government agencies. The revised regulations have adjusted from 8 chapters and 43 articles to 8 chapters and 66 articles, with a focus on compliance, problem orientation, innovation, and development.

3. The main content of the revision includes adjusting duties, standardizing archiving processes, increasing electronic document filing systems, simplifying approval procedures for archive use, clarifying open archives appraisal methods, refining wartime archives work requirements, enriching supervision and management measures for archives work. Additionally, the "Regulations" emphasizes that officers and soldiers have the right to use archives according to law and proposes specific measures to simplify approval procedures for use.

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