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1. Egg prices have risen 60% year-over-year, leading to attempts to smuggle eggs across the US-Mexico border and shoppers seeking out local farms.

2. The American Egg Board has blamed the price rise on an outbreak of H1N1, but one farmer-advocacy group accuses major egg producers of gouging prices in a “collusive scheme” aimed at increasing profits.

3. Farm Action has called on the FTC to investigate the egg producers, which could force a restitution payment that would see customers awarded money back for their purchases.

Article analysis:

This article is generally reliable and trustworthy as it provides evidence for its claims and presents both sides of the argument fairly. It cites sources such as the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service, Farm Action, and Cal-Maine (the country’s largest egg supplier). It also provides quotes from shoppers and store managers to provide a more personal perspective on the issue.

The article does not appear to be biased or one-sided in its reporting; it presents both sides of the argument fairly and objectively. It acknowledges that there was an outbreak of avian flu which had an impact on supply, but also notes that Farm Action believes major egg producers are taking advantage of this situation by raising prices unnecessarily.

The article does not appear to be missing any points of consideration or evidence for its claims; it provides data from multiple sources and quotes from people affected by the price increases. It also explores counterarguments by citing statements from Cal-Maine's CFO Max P Bowman who denies Farm Action's claims about price gouging.

The article does not contain any promotional content or partiality; it is written objectively with no clear agenda other than providing information about rising egg prices in America. The article also mentions potential risks associated with smuggling eggs across borders, although this is only briefly mentioned in passing rather than explored in depth.

In conclusion, this article appears to be reliable and trustworthy overall; it provides evidence for its claims and presents both sides of the argument fairly without bias or partiality.