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1. Queensland's $4 billion investment flagship is at risk of significant losses if its investment in debt-crippled Thames Water in the UK fails.

2. The full story is only available to subscribers of The Courier Mail.

3. Subscribers can access the article for $1 a week for the first 12 weeks, with conditions applying.

Article analysis:

The article titled "Under water: Qld fund giant faces big losses on UK investment" is a member-only story from Couriermail.com.au. It discusses the potential risks faced by Queensland's $4 billion investment flagship due to its investment in debt-crippled Thames Water in the UK. However, since the full article is only accessible to subscribers, it is difficult to provide a detailed critical analysis of its content.

One potential bias in this article could be the focus on highlighting the potential losses faced by Queensland's investment without providing a balanced view of the situation. The title itself suggests that the fund giant is facing "big losses," which may create a negative perception for readers. Without access to the full article, it is unclear whether there are any counterarguments or alternative perspectives presented.

Additionally, it is important to consider whether there are any unsupported claims or missing evidence in the article. Since only a brief summary of the story is provided, it is difficult to determine if all relevant information has been included or if there are any missing points of consideration.

Furthermore, it is worth noting whether possible risks are adequately noted and if both sides of the story are presented equally. Without access to the full article, it is challenging to assess these aspects accurately.

Lastly, since this article appears to be behind a paywall and encourages readers to subscribe for access, there may be elements of promotional content or partiality towards encouraging subscriptions rather than providing unbiased reporting.

Overall, without access to the full article and more information about its content, it is challenging to provide a comprehensive critical analysis.